Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence: Womens CrossFit Star

Brooke Ence is one of the most notable female CrossFit athletes competing across the USA and the rest of the world. A fantastic lust for competition and a physique that is almost unrivalled in the world of womens competitive sports, she is one to watch in this years regionals.

Rounding off Brooke’s overall package is her recently launched range of trainers called No Bull Ence Trainers. Find out more here

Brooke’s stats:

Fran 2:07
Helen 0:00
Grace 0:00
Filthy 50 24:38
Fight Gone Bad
Sprint 400m 1:11
Run 5k 24:00
Clean & Jerk 253 lb
Snatch 207 lb
Deadlift 365 lb
Back Squat 320 lb
Max Pull-ups

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