Anouk Hoogendijk

Anouk Hoogendijk: Womens Footballer

Anouk Hoogendijk is a Dutch female football player, who currently plays for Ajax in the Dutch Eredivisie Womens League and the Dutch National team.

Anouk has been recognised as one of the trail blazers of womens football in Europe and her records speaks for itself, already a well travelled and achieved player, Anouk has represented a number of teams throughout here career including: CSW, Argon, Legmeervogels, Saestum, FC Utrecht, Bristol Academy, FC Utrecht, Ajax, Arsenal Ladies and Ajax.

She has played 102 games for the national team of the Netherlands, and scored 9 goals (May, 2015). She was part of the Dutch National team for EURO 2009 (Finland), EURO 2013 (Sweden), and FIFA World Cup 2015  (Canada). Honours:  Dutch women`s league  (Saestum, 2005, 2006), KNVB Beker (FC Utrecht, 2010), and FA Cup (Arsenal, 2014).

Watch out for more on Anouk and the Dutch National Team in posts to follow.

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